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Corporate Social Responsibility

Respecting societies, nature, and people



At ZACK ROSS INTERNATIONAL we invest on behalf of individual and institutional investors around the world, including properties and start-ups, and small businesses. As careful stewards of capital, we strive to provide solutions that create lasting value for our investors, the real estate and companies in which we invest and society at large. We believe that well-run companies generate jobs and strengthen economies. We have helped make scores of companies stronger and more competitive, and in doing so, bolstered the communities in which their employees live and work. ZACK ROSS INTERNATIONAL is committed to operate with the utmost integrity and publicly minded spirit is a central element of the firm’s culture and is reflected in the work that we do. By making companies stronger and better positioned for long-term growth, we can help create good jobs, support local communities and, ultimately, secure the future of millions of people around the world.



  • Investing in Sustainable products

  • Being environmentally aware and proactive in the communities in which we invest

  • Fostering Growth

  • Creating enterprises of enduring value is a vital part of our commitment to being responsible corporate citizens.

  • Investing Responsibly

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