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ZACK ROSS INTERNATIONAL® is a global private equity, management & business consulting, and real estate investment firm headquartered in Chicago, IL. The firm provides a gamut of products and services spanning a myriad of markets and industries. We also provide intelligent advising and corporate planning, and strategic packages for a plethora of services, including Business Strategy, Planning, Communications, Marketing, Finance, IT, and many more...


Professor Ross has an extensive background in international business and seeks to use his analytical skills, creativity, and sound reasoning to provide optimal results for his clients.


Professor Ross holds a B.S. in Marketing, an MBA in International Business, and a PhD in International Psychology.


Ross is the Professor of International Management with the Brennan School of Business at Dominican University. Ross is also the Chairman of the ZACK ROSS FOUNDATION, a global philanthropic organization that has a focus on POVERTY, EDUCATION, and MENTAL HEALTH DEVELOPMENT.

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